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The Ulti-Cabinet product is a Web based, user friendly, easy to use, document repository designed to replace current physical filing systems. Its Web based configuration enables secured storing, sharing and downloading of documents via a local, wide or public network connection, providing multiple solutions to today’s problems in the corporate world.


Ult-Plus operating environment is a mature, well-structured database system capable of supporting thousands of users on a single server. The environment consists of a relational database management system with Basic and query language. This product runs on several Unix based hardware platforms i.e.: RS6000 IBM machines running AIX, Intel based Enterprise servers running SCO Unix and HP9000 with HP/UX operating system.

The current development effort includes Ult-Plus portability to Intel based Linux servers (the development is done on Fedora), but in the future will run on a several other Linux distributions as well.

Several plug-in modules, used in E-Commerce integration as well as office task automation, support UltPlus database. They use state of the art seamless XML communication and data access thru network file sharing, to manage time-consuming tasks in a timely and efficient fashion.

The scalability of Ult-Plus, the numerous commercial applications available and a variety of seamless plug-in modules, make our product a serious contender in the database World.


UltiForms is a complete Forms Document creation and retrieval tool set that is 100% integrated into any multi-value application for e-mail, fax or print purposes.

These forms usually replace the need for any pre-printed or PCL generated documents such as invoices, purchase orders, picking tickets, packing lists, advanced shipping noti? cations (ASN), pro-forma, quotes, time sheets, A/R documents such as past due notices, statements, certi? -cates, signed delivery tickets, or promotional ? yers. The UltiForms product reduces cost in the following areas:
  • COST OF PREPRINTED FORMS (# of forms per day/week/month/year)
  • An additional advantage is that Nextech can integrate these functions into the existing ap-plication software and it can also be executed as a stand alone system that can be remotely accessed by your sales-reps in the ? eld. Quotes, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Price Sheets, etc can be printed/reprinted on demand.

    The forms can be designed using existing Windows based tools such as Adobe, Publisher or HTML as well as utilizing documents created professionally for Labeling, pressure sensi-tive labels and templates that are used by the Pharmaceutical industry of Transportation such as Material Data Safety Sheets.

    All forms can be created and edited with changes from within the UltiForms tool set. Any form can be changed or enhanced at any time and used immediately without the usual delays of printing new forms.

    Forms are then digitally generated and are sent as PDF attachments vie e-mail or fax di-rectly from the UltPlus environment using dumb terminals or PCs. These forms are elec-tronically stored on an existing Windows system on the local area network with e-mail and faxing capabilities directly within your existing applications.

    Any UltiForms transmission can have multiple attachments including images or scanned documents from any existing document storage system on the network.

    UltiForms also takes advantage of any existing network laser printers or mapped directories to access data outside of the database, any of this data can be included along with your forms such as Price Increases or New Product Information. All such devices and data only need to be accessible on the network by the UltPlus system and you can include it in all UltiForms uses.

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    Office Phone: 1-800-333-5899
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